declaration of love

We love our vineyard with its steep and sunny slopes and we love our wine in all its facets. Every single grape at the Heinrichshof has its place and is cared with care and joy. And it is the joy that determines our mission, in the steep vineyard as in the deep cellar.

We rely on our sensitivity for details. We spare no effort to only store healthy fruits. We are happy, thanks to years of experience, to be able to meet high quality standards. We live with enthusiasm in the vineyard and are happy about every fruit that our vines produce.

Toast with a new vintage is always a celebration: enjoyment, gratitude, incentive, bliss. And even if many barrels are in the basement, the decisive factor is the one glass that delights the palate and heart. Anyone who learns this, understands our declaration of love for wine and vineyard and knows the Heinrichshof wine as something special to enjoy.